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Using Firmware Bundes

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Using Firmware Bundes

Hello -

First off, I apoligize if this has been answered already, but I cannot find any guidance on this particular question.

I see that OneView supports adding firmware bundles.  I went ahead and added the latest SPP (2016.10.0) and now I am wondering how to actually use it?  Can these be applied against my server hardware?  We have a bunch of different models (DL380, DL320, DL360, etc..).  Is the firmware bundle piece only for updating blades or do you need special licensing to use it on DL series servers?

If we can't use OneView for firmware updates, short of booting each server off a firmware DVD, what is the best way to updat the firmware on our boxes?  I know in Windows we can use the update utility, but I'm wondering about the best way to update a few ESX hosts.

Any help would be apprciated.

Thank you.