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VC 40Gb F8 active active configuration

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VC 40Gb F8 active active configuration

I need help setting our new Synergy. We have 3 compute moudles and 2 Virtual connect 40gb F8 moduls in one frame at bay 3 i 6. 

What type of network do I create when want to create active active configuration for our virtual connects?



Re: VC 40Gb F8 active active configuration

A Synergy Active/Acitve configuration will require LACP in most case.  Which would mean you create a single Logical Interconnect Group, with a single Uplink Set with the necessary Ethernet networks you need.  Those Ethernet networks will only be defined once, as Synergy Virtual Connect does not support VLAN translation like c-Class VC does.

If you need to replicate c-Class Virtual Connect Active/Active within Synergy, you would then create 2 independent Logical Interconnect Groups, one per fabric bay, with one uplink set and the associated Ethernet networks as stated in the prior example.

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