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What is the long range plan?

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What is the long range plan?

I'm a long time blade customer with an investment in Virtual Connect and VCEM. Is the intention with Oneview to replace these products and let them go End Of Life? If so, what is the timeframe for this transition and is it required?  I can't think of any simple migration paths off of VCM/VCEM.. I remember back to the days of VCM 1.0 and don't have any warm fuzzies about moving to a 1.x of anything.


Re: What is the long range plan?

Hello Raf,  there is a long term planning that HP One View  will be your leading Converged Infrastructure Management platform to manage our Converged Infrastructure installed base.  THis will not just happen in a year or so.

It would be good to talk your HP representative to get the best message on this and help you to do your planning for the years ahead.

Cheers, Jeroen

(I am an HPE employee and a HPE OneSphere evangelist)
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