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Why does applying serverprofile take so long time?

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Why does applying serverprofile take so long time?


I'm having a hard time implementing OneView in our Company, and the main reason is the massive timeconsumption. Everything takes a very long time in OneView and it dont say anywhere why.

For example now, I installed 32 blades last week and we just now found out that we had to change boot order. And my question is the following:

Why does it take 17 minutes to change boot order on a server? OneView did not turn on the server, so it was offline the whole time OneView spent applying the profile.  What exactly is done within this 17 minutes?

I feel it is unnassasary to have to:
* First turn off all the servers - 20 minutes
* Then change every single profile - 20 minutes
* Then wait another 20 minutes when I'm done do let it apply the last profile

It should have been:
* Mark all the servers that I want to modify - 10 seconds
* Do my modifications and save one time to apply it to all marked servers - 2 minutes
* Let the profile change next time the server is booted.
Then I've could have use the saved 55 minutes on things generating money or troubleshooting our customers problems instead clicking around in OneView.


Re: Why does applying serverprofile take so long time?

You are likely running into a recent issue found with HPE OneView 2.00, where Server Profile operations will take an extra 15 minutes.  If you reboot your appliance, it will temporarily resolve the issue, but not prevent it from happening again.  We are going to release the fix in a future patch, but I do not know what version or timeline at this point.

Also, what generation of BL's do you have?  If they are not Gen9, Boot Order is configured only from Intelligent Provisioning for Gen8 which requires a reboot, and via the iLO REST API (aka Redfish) for Gen9 which can be done online.


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