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c7000 ip and name changes

Kerry Quillen
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c7000 ip and name changes

We are going to be relocating some c7000 enclosures that are being managed by Oneview 4.10.  Blades are all vm hosts.  This move will require re-ip'ing the enclosures (ILO, OA, and VC).  We will also be renaming the logical enclosures, enclosures,  logical interconnects and interconnects.  I have some HPE resources looking over the steps but wanted to see if anyone here has done something similar and how did it go.  

Steps will be as follows:

  1. Backup the Oneview config
  2. Put each blade into maintenance mode and power off
  3. Unassign Oneview profiles
  4. Remove enclosure from Oneview
  5. Log into the OA interface, edit Enclosure Bay IP addressing to reflect new ILO and Interconnect Bay addresses (EBIPA)
  6. Rename enclosure in OA
  7. Change OA ip addresses
  8. Power down enclosure
  9. Relocate and re-cable enclosure
  10. Power enclosure back up
  11. Re-add enclosure to Oneview.  
  12. Re-assign profiles in Oneview
  13. Power blades back up.

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Re: c7000 ip and name changes


Please go ahead and perform the activity , Incase of any issues please log a support case with HPE.


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Kerry Quillen
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Re: c7000 ip and name changes

My HPE resources responded that my plan looks solid except that I need to disable blade autostart when power is applied.  Reaseon being You don’t want the blades to boot without a profile or it will screw up all your nic and HBA numbering and VMware’s recommended fix if you do that is a reinstall or you live with the new nic names.”