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http request to OneView running on Hyper-V VM


http request to OneView running on Hyper-V VM


trying to http (on port 9191) to the IP of the router which forwards those requests to the HPE OneView VM on Microsoft Hyper-V Server (Microsoft Windows Standard 2012 R2 Server) and getting currently this message from the server by going from home to http://secret-dny-dns-ip:9191 with my browsers (port 9191 is configured as forwarded to internal privat IP of the VM and https-port 443):

{"errorSource":null,"nestedErrors":[],"errorCode":"GENERIC_HTTP_400","data":{},"recommendedActions":["Check the request, then resend. If the error persists, create a support dump and contact your authorized support representative."],"details":"There was a problem with the request.","message":"Bad Request"}

I am wondering what to configure or what to change for the vm or the firewall-rules ord maybe other port-forwarding rules to access the HPE OneView GUI from the Web. Maybe some HPE OneView expert here might let me know.

Going to monitor some HPE ProLiants DL360 and DL380 which are runed out of warranty and have no HPE proactive care etc. so that I am able to have a look at them. Currelty getting emails in case of alerts. This works fine and I prefere also accessing the GUI via WEB to manage this HPE Infrastruktur as far as I can.

Best regards and maybe thank in advance

Dirk Lehmann


Re: http request to OneView running on Hyper-V VM

Oh my f*ckn good: It works! In mistake and f*ckn hurry to go to bed I used http request instead of https! Great!