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iLO address DHCP address changes

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iLO address DHCP address changes


I was wondering if this is normal behavior, or if its something i can do something about :)

Whenever my iLO address' changes, i will have to refresh the server and type in the DNS name again. It will afterwards discover the new IP address (DHCP) and work again. (This often happens if they choose to change the network range in our branch offices)

Could i change the discovery / monitoring to look on the DNS name instead of the translated IP?


Re: iLO address DHCP address changes


Please make sure that WINS Server Registration and DDNS Server Registration are enabled. And Make sure the ILO firmware is at the latest version.



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Re: iLO address DHCP address changes

You should use one fo the following:

  1. Reserved DHCP addresses
  2. Set your DHCP lease to a long period to where the timeout will never happen unless the iLO has been preminently disconnected from your management network
  3. Assign static IP Addresses.
  4. Use the DNS/FQDN name of the iLO when adding the server.  However, this does not help with platforms like BladeSystem or Synergy where you might use DHCP.

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