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migration of virtualbox vm's to a high availabe vSphere cluster based on ESXi-hosts


migration of virtualbox vm's to a high availabe vSphere cluster based on ESXi-hosts

Hello folks,

the software VMware vSphere hypervisor which someone told me in the HP Enterprise user forums seems to be ideal to solve my "problem".

I was wondering if you could let me know if I understand it correctly that a vSphere-cluster could deliver high availability (for example) to my system by building a cluster of my both physical machines running VMware vSphere hypervisor and placing my currently existing virtual machines on this cluster?! So if one VMware vSphere hypervisor host faules my virtual machines are still running and I can replace the defect hardware or can fix the failure meanwhile of the failed VMware vSphere hypervisor ?

Since the tipp from the HP Enterprise Inc. user forum I have installed latest free license version of VMware vSphere hypervisor at my "standby" host and next I am going to install the vSphere management software on one of my clients to manage VMware vSphere hypervisor in future by application and not by web Interface. If I am right with my knowledge of cluster I am going to save my running virtual machines (vdi-files) on CD-ROM and replace the operating system by vSphere at my currently running host. By the way: Do I have to convert or export my existing virtualbox (latest) virtual machines to any other format to get them imported and running at the VMware vSphere hypervisor cluster (after that I had build a cluster of both VMware vSphere hypervisors on ESXi-basis).

Because I'm not so common with the VMWARE software solutions I am going herewith to ask you before I am going to do the steps described below because it seems to me that you are more common with VMware vSphere hypervisor (for example) than me.

I was wondering if one nativ user of VMware vSphere hypervisor can confirm my idea how to migrate my existing servers (running in virtualboxes of virtualbox hypervisor on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) into a high availability hardware cluster environment by VMware vSphere hypervisor.

Seeing for what to read from you regarding the migration my virtualbox vm's to vSphere and my question regarding high availability with the help of clustering

with best regards, DL