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Re: HPE Oneview openldap

Apologies for the late reply.  StartTLS is not the same as Secure OpenLDAP, and unfortunately, HPE OneView does not support today.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: HPE Oneview openldap

> This is the certificate of our main ldap server


Yes, that's the CA for your other cert.  openssl likes them.

But this seems odd: Public-Key: (2432 bit)

Hmm, I thought they only came in powers of two?  I.e. 2048.

But I see google finds a few mentions.


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Re: HPE Oneview openldap

Thanks for you support

Since starttls is not currently supported by oneview we will create users manually in the server.

I hope someday oneview will be updated to recognize starttls because ldaps is deprecated

ldaps:// is deprecated in favor of Start TLS [RFC2830]. reference