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oneview server profile firmware deploy

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oneview server profile firmware deploy

This morning, I re-applied the server profiles for 8 DL380 G9's after updating the template with the latest SPP.  I then, two at time, updated the server profile from the template and applied to the host.  This worked for seven, but on the eigth, I get: 

SPP provided at Baseline Uri <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is an invalid SPP.  If the baseline provided is a SPP, retry the operation.  Alternatively, resubmit the request with a valid link to a supported baseline image.

I tried to reapply the server profile, but get the same error.  Any ideas? 


Re: oneview server profile firmware deploy


Use the "Managed Manually" option in the server profile for the firmware baseline and update the firmware outside of OneView.


First initiate offline SPP firmware update outside of OneView by directly mounting SPP (Same SPP version which is available on OneView SPP repository) to iLO virtual media and later assign the server profile.

If still issue continued, please provide the Critical alert message screenshot from OneView GUI mode and Inventory details from affected server iLO web console.

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