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"Update appliance" stuck

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"Update appliance" stuck

My installation is at 3.10.04-0299553

I attempted an update to 3.10.07 but appliance failed to start after update.

I later discovered that the VM host that HPE OV resides on had a failure. After recovery of the VM host, the server started (still at level 3.10.04) but otherwise appears to be running fine.

I am now re-trying to update to 3.10.07 (HPE_OneView_3.10.07_Update_Z7550-96417.bin)

Immediately after upload of the update, I get the following error:

"Unable to update while a prior update is still in progress. Wait until the existing update completes"

I now also notice that there is an "Update appliance" entry in the activity log that is still running, and does not go away with power off or restart of the appliance.

Is there a way to recover from this condition?

Thank you

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Re: "Update appliance" stuck

Open an support case to HPE please
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Re: "Update appliance" stuck

Yes, definetly!