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rsadmin for OneView?

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rsadmin for OneView?

Are there any commandline options for exporting/importing site information for OneView RS?  We are looking to convert from IRS to OneView with RS and have hundreds of locations.  Adding a server to a rack, then to a site/datacenter would take us months.  If we are able to populate data into a CSV (after servers are discovered), that would help greatly.

For example, in RS I used to discover all servers, dump the inventory, edit the CSV and upload with site details.  This saved us so much time...  Looking to do something similar.




Re: rsadmin for OneView?

We don't have any direct CLI tools like rsadmin.  But, we have a public REST API that is available for customers and partners to use.  If working directly with a REST API isn't in your skillset, we do have a PowerShell library that offers Cmdlets to configure these settings.

There are more report support Cmdlets, which are documented in the Related Links on each page above.

We provide sample scripts are part of the library.  One of those sample scripts outlines how to configure OneView Remote Support on an appliance, POSH-HPEOneView/ConfigureRemoteSupport_Sample.ps1 at 6.10 · HewlettPackard/POSH-HPEOneView (github.com).  It doesn't step through add a resource to a rack, or the rack to a data center.  But those Cmdlets are relatively simple to use.

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