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Re: server profile firmware deployment

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server profile firmware deployment

I'm trying to get OneView to deploy firmware and drivers to our Proliant Linux servers.  I have amsd and sut installed.  I configured sut's staging directory to a file system with lots of space.  I set the sut mode to autodeploy.  We received permission from security to allow usb-storage in the kernel and to remove noexec from the mount options of /tmp and /var/tmp.  I can see from dmesg that usb-storage device is found and a device is created (sr0).  sut --status keeps showing:

Current Operation Status..................: Retrying mounting baseline media as previous try failedVerify the specified baseline is accessible and ensure no other media is mounted through iLO Virtual Media.

I run "mount | grep sr0" and get no output.  I can run, "mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/sr0 /mnt" and it works.  Not sure what else to try?  Any ideas?


This server is a DL380 Gen 9.

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Re: server profile firmware deployment

The cause of the error  point towards the 

iLO Virtual Media is busy.



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Re: server profile firmware deployment

But it is not busy.  Nothing is using the iLO virtual media port.  I'll have to run some more tests.