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snapshot backup and oneview

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snapshot backup and oneview

Hello, I know hpe does'nt provide support to veeam backup for creting backups of oneview. But regarding hpe products:



is supported? If yes, Can I snapshot a datastore for creating backups of Oneview?

If I snapshot a datostore where oneview is locating, oneview will break down and will stop to work


Can I take Oneview snapshots with dataprotector? If a snapshot is taken,will oneview crash?

vCenter snapshot:

Can I take a snapshot from vCenter to Oneview?

If Oneview have a snapshot running is enought reason to oneview stop to work with error showed when you tri access to?


Thanks a lot


Re: snapshot backup and oneview

Only valid and SUPPORTED backup method is the embeded, you can easily script this so it will be copied to a share on a server, from there you can write it to tape. All othere methods, will most likely work but is not supported or can damage your config and therefor not recommended.