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stuck applying server profile

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stuck applying server profile

on our freshly installed OneView 3.10, our deployment will get stuck deploying server profiles..  it goes thru, applies bios settings and shuts off the server and stays at 'applying boot mode settings' for hours until it finally gives up.

It looks to have applied the bios settings, also applies the SPP firmware to the DL 380 Gen9, but thats it..

When it gives it, it has this error..  Odd because it does boot off the SPP as it applies the FW ok, and wouldnt be a block issue as it works prior..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.   thanks

Ensure that the SPP selected is valid and bootable. Also check if the iLO has network connectivity and the virtual media port has not been blocked by a firewall. Cold boot the server, enter the ROM-Based Setup Utility by selecting F9 at the appropriate time during POST, and ensure that the USB Controls are enabled and restore to default system settings. Once the server is booted, power it off and retry the operation. Alternatively reset the iLO. If the problem persists, contact your authorized support representative and provide them with a support dump.


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Re: stuck applying server profile

Try to reset BIOS settings to default before applyng OV profile