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unable to remove server hardware from OneView

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unable to remove server hardware from OneView

Running verson 5.20.01-0420365 of appliance, I've some server records that are lost, at least server hardware is no more online. When I want to remove record from OneView, I get this 

"The server hardware you requested to remove does not exist. It is possible that another user has deleted this server hardware"

How to clean this ? should be possible without resetting the appliance or what ?

As well how to get support on OneView from HPE ? HPE is nice on OneView, they told you to contact support for support but you can't open any ticket for this software for which is never clear if licensing is needed to get support.


Re: unable to remove server hardware from OneView

There are only a few ways to get this fixed:

  1. Re-add the original servers that were removed.  This will re-establish a link from OneView to the servers. Then you can remove them from OneView.
  2. Within the UI, there should be a Force checkmark in the Remove Server Hardware confirmation dialog.  Make sure it is checked. If a server profile is assigned to it, then you will not be able to.  If the server hardware reports it is still powered on, you will not be able to.
  3. If none of the prior two options are available, then you will need to open a support case.  You can do that from the HPE Support Center home page.  Once you have logged into your HPE Passport account, the very first option below the search field is Case Management:

    Annotation 2020-07-24 074310.png

    In order to get support, you need to either have purchased HPE OneView Advanced licenses, which come with 3 years support, or the HPE OneView Standard 1yr 9x5 Support SKU (K6F98AAE).

    Support for HPE OneView is documented in the HPE OneView WW Quickspecs (PDF, Page 13) 

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Re: unable to remove server hardware from OneView

Thanks for your help 

1) and 2) are not an option, hardware is no more available and GUI does not propopse force removal for the entries in questions, so last option is 3).
I'v following license type "HPE OV 3yr 24x7 Supp Flex E-LTU"

You stopped exactly where things could be interesting, if you click access cases from hpe support, then ?
I've no serial number, no contract or warranty, just OneView activation email and attached license (with entitlement), which I added already on OneView appliance. I probably miss something like "link support agreement", " link packaged support", or "link warranties", thing is how do I do with the licensing info I have in my hands ?