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why firmware version mismatch

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why firmware version mismatch


I am hoping someone could explain to me why I am seeing a firmware mismatch between firmware version listed in OneVIew vs the version showing in the OS. 

For example - in OneView network adapter Firmware version reads 7.15.37, however if pull the Firmware Version from ESXi it readsy bc 7.14.37. I am seeing this over 30 of our servers. 

Yesterday I updated the firmware baseline on 2 hosts with the latest SPP. Oneview shows the network adapter firmware version at 7.17.1 , however when I pull up firmware version from within ESXi both hosts read as 7.15.56

Trying to understand why there is a mis match - shouldnt the firmware version in OS match OneView? I am seeing the mismatch older firmware baseline and new firmware baseline. All servers are ProLiant DL380 Gen9

If anyone can provide explanation it would be appreciated.

Thanks in adavance 


Re: why firmware version mismatch

Hi kmn3686,

If you see the below link :



There is one software package contains combo image v7.15.37 version that is what is listed in your OneView. 


Where as in Operating System its showing 7.14.37 which is bootcode version.  


OneView always shows package version since its management utility and where as the Operating System will always show the bootversion as its installed. 

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Re: why firmware version mismatch


check what Build Version you use on your esx 

if you updates the server Spp to the last one and work with old Build on you Esx host  its can happend 

so , try to update the host to the last Build and recheck 

have nice day