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why we have to move HPE SIM to OneView

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why we have to move HPE SIM to OneView

Hi All,

Currently we are using HPE SIM 7.4 Version, please let me know reasion to move to HPE OneView

Also share the HPEONVEVIEW and HPSIM comparion

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Re: why we have to move HPE SIM to OneView

Hi Shivashankara, 

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  • HPE Systems Insight Manager (SIM) was introduced more than 15 years ago and has been used by HPE customers to manage HPE Servers, storage and networking.
  • HPE introduced HPE OneView in 2013. HPE OneView provides software-defined infrastructure management for HPE servers, storage, and networking.
  • Since the introduction of HPE OneView in 2013, new HPE SIM releases have been limited to providing support for new hardware.
  • Today HPE OneView provides almost all of the capabilities delivered by SIM with a few exceptions, 
  • At this time, HPE is committed to updating SIM at least until June 30, 2020 to support new hardware introduced during that time.

HPE SIM customers that are not using any of the above previously described functionality are encouraged to plan their transition to HPE OneView.



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