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Managing Users


Managing Users

[ Edited ]

In order to add users to HP Performance Anywhere an administrator can log on to HP SaaS Customer Portal:




Select Customer Portal> User Management tab and mange users:




Use the various options to manage your users and edit their details.



After adding users in HP SaaS portal user management page you will need to assign these users to Performance Anywhere.

In order to do so you will need to login into Performance Anywhere and to browse to its user management admin page by clicking the menu and then choose User Management



The user management admin page allows you to assign existing users to PAw and also create new users which will be automatically assigned to PAw.

To do so click the add button




To search existing user just type the name and choose the user from the list.

You can also create a new user by clicking the “Create new user” link




Once you assigned or created a user you will need to choose the user role.





Current roles are:

  • Viewer - Only allow to view reports. No access to admin pages
  • Modifier - Can access all pages expect user management admin page.
  • Admin - Full access to all pages


Good luck,



The Performance Anywhere team