HPE Performance Anywhere: Get Started
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Using HP Performance Anywhere


Using HP Performance Anywhere


Use the main features of Performance Anywhere to review the status of your applications and isolate problems. You can:


  • Proactively view the Application Overview page (default landing page) to see application issues. From the overview you can easily see which problems exist, and then use the smart drill to investigate the cause based on the most relevant information.
  • Isolate problems by viewing the various reports (for example, Location Isolation, Transaction Isolation, Layer Isolation, Problem Isolation).
  • Diagnose performance problems. Diagnostics Application Server monitoring provides detailed performance data on application servers in your application infrastructure, including a breakdown of the various application layers to quickly locate the problematic area. For details refer to Diagnostics documentation.
  • Analyze, detect, and isolate the root cause of performance deterioration using Analytics. An application's Analytics status is displayed as part of its performance status. See the Analytics documentation.
    Analytics are based on machine learning of the various data sources, creating a baseline of normal behavior and subsequently detecting anomalies and alerting on them. Similar anomalies are also found to assist in problem resolution based on solutions applied in the past.
  • Collaborate with other users via Enterprise Collaboration (for example, you can capture a screen, invite the relevant users for this screen, and create collaboration tickets). For details, refer to the HP Anywhere documentation.


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