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Factory Reset Primera

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Factory Reset Primera

Hello, I have been looking all over, but cannot seem to find any information regarding HPE Primera Reset to Factory defaults.

We will have a unit for testing and I wanted to be prepared to go trough all the installation steps, thus I will probably have to rest the system more than once. Can anyone guide me trough the process or share some knowledge regarding Factory reset of Primera?




Re: Factory Reset Primera


For some reason, 'factory reset' or 'reset to default' option is not available in Primera as a standard or HPE recommended procedure.

If you are a Linux expert, you can try to explore in cli with superuser credentials (3paradm is a default superuser)

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: Factory Reset Primera

in order to restore to factory defaults, you would have to locate the OOTB (out of the box) log file. its generally found under 

/var/log/tpd/. In previous versions of code, this was a hidden file, however, with Primera, it is not.


# cat /var/log/tpd/ootb.log



DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE?  yes/no  ==> yes


It appears your Cluster is in a proper manual startup state to proceed.

Removing VMs

Wed Nov 27 13:14:55 EST 2019





  Welcome to the Out-Of-The-Box Experience










DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE?  yes/no  ==> yes


Cluster has the following nodes:


Node 0

Node 1



Enter < C > to continue or < Q > to quit  ==> c


Updating all nodes to use timezone America/New_York...

Timezone set successfully.


Setting TOD on all nodes.


Current date according to the system: Wed Nov 27 13:15:22 EST 2019


Enter dates in MMDDhhmmYYYY format.  For example, 031822572002 would

be March 18, 2002 10:57 PM.


Enter the correct date and time, or just press enter to accept

the date shown above.  ==> Invalid response from system, connection broken



Enter the StoreServ system name ==> 3PC670N34U33



IS THIS THE CORRECT NAME?  yes/change  ==> yes


Cluster is being initialized with the name < 3PC670N34U33 > ...Please Wait...Node 0:


Node 1:


Node 0:


Node 1:



Please verify your InForm OS versions are correct.


Release version

Patches:  1


Component Name                   Version

CLI Server             

CLI Client             

System Manager         


IO Stack               



Enter < C > to continue or < Q > to quit  ==> c

Examining the port states...

All ports are in acceptable states.




Ensuring all ports are properly connected before continuing... Please Wait...


Cages appear to be connected correctly, continuing.


Reordering drive cages...

Examining state of new disks...

---  0:0:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:1:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:2:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:3:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:4:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:5:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:6:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:7:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  0:8:0  FC   new                               normal

---  0:9:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:10:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:11:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:12:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:13:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:14:0  FC   new                               normal

--- 0:15:0  FC   new                               normal

---  2:0:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  2:1:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  2:2:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  2:3:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  2:4:0  FC   new                               normal

---  2:5:0  FC   new                               normal

---  2:6:0  FC   new                               normal

---  2:7:0  FC   new                               normal

---  3:0:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  3:1:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  3:2:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  3:3:0  SSD  degraded invalid,mode_page_update_failed

---  3:4:0  FC   new                               normal

---  3:5:0  FC   new                               normal

---  3:6:0  FC   new                               normal

---  3:7:0  FC   new                               normal


Found < 16 > ARFX0920S5xnNTRI disks

Found < 16 > SSKB2400S5xeN010 disks


Cluster has < 32 > total disks in < 32 > magazines.

< 16 > are new.

< 16 > are failed.


Now would be the time to fix any disk problems.



Enter < C > to continue, < R > to retry, or < Q > to quit  ==> c


Issuing admitpd... Please wait a moment...32 disks admitted

admitpd completed with the following results...

0  0:0:0  SSD  normal         normal

1  0:1:0  SSD  normal         normal

2  0:2:0  SSD  normal         normal

3  0:3:0  SSD  normal         normal

4  0:4:0  SSD  normal         normal

5  0:5:0  SSD  normal         normal

6  0:6:0  SSD  normal         normal

7  0:7:0  SSD  normal         normal

8  0:8:0  FC   normal         normal

9  0:9:0  FC   normal         normal

10 0:10:0  FC   normal         normal

11 0:11:0  FC   normal         normal

12 0:12:0  FC   normal         normal

13 0:13:0  FC   normal         normal

14 0:14:0  FC   normal         normal

15 0:15:0  FC   normal         normal

16  2:0:0  SSD  normal         normal

17  2:1:0  SSD  normal         normal

18  2:2:0  SSD  normal         normal

19  2:3:0  SSD  normal         normal

20  2:4:0  FC   normal         normal

21  2:5:0  FC   normal         normal

22  2:6:0  FC   normal         normal

23  2:7:0  FC   normal         normal

24  3:0:0  SSD  normal         normal

25  3:1:0  SSD  normal         normal

26  3:2:0  SSD  normal         normal

27  3:3:0  SSD  normal         normal

28  3:4:0  FC   normal         normal

29  3:5:0  FC   normal         normal

30  3:6:0  FC   normal         normal

31  3:7:0  FC   normal         normal


Found < 16 > ARFX0920S5xnNTRI disks

Found < 16 > SSKB2400S5xeN010 disks


Cluster has < 32 > total disks in < 32 > magazines.

< 32 > are valid.



Do you want to start the test (y/n)? ==> n


Failed --

... will retry in roughly 30 seconds.

... re-issuing the request


Failed --

... will retry in roughly 202 seconds.

... re-issuing the request


Failed --

... will retry in roughly 30 seconds.

... re-issuing the request


Failed --

... will retry in roughly 1215 seconds.


Examining drive cage firmware... Please wait a moment...

Node 0:


Node 1:



Creating SSL certificate ...


  Subject:     CN=HPE_3PAR C670-4UW0003197

  Fingerprint: c3877f53a00aa5c78c29fead6b4f8e7d85cea844


Enter < C > to continue ==>



Enter < C > to continue ==> c

StoreServ Network Configuration


This system has only 2 nodes, so only 1 IP address is supported.


Select IP address type you want to assign:

1: IPv4 Address

2: Both IPv4 and IPv6 Address

> IPv4 Address: Netmask []:

Please specify a gateway IP address (enter for default of,

"none" if none):


Please specify speed (10, 100 or 1000) and duplex (half or full), or auto

to use autonegotiation:

NTP server IP addresses or hostnames, comma-separated (enter if none):


DNS server's IP addresses, comma-separated (enter if none):


Disabling non-encrypted ports will disable SP event handling,

Recovery Manager for VMWare and SRA. Disabling SP event handling will

prevent support personnel from being notified of system problems.

Disabling non-encrypted ports should only be done if there is a strict

requirement for all connections to be encrypted.

Disable non-encrypted ports? [y/n]

Please verify the following:


IPv4 Address:


IPv6 Address: ::/0

Nodes:  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Default route through gateway, via


Speed and duplex will be autonegotiated.


NTP servers:

DNS servers:

Non-encrypted ports are enabled.


Does this appear to be correct? [y/n]

Please verify the following:


No additional interfaces configured.


Does this appear to be correct? [y/n] Updated netc configuration in the PR.

SIGHUP has been sent to the netc controller.  The network configuration

should reach the new state momentarily.





Checking for active ethernet interface...


Active ethernet interface found.


Creating logging LD for node 0

Creating logging LD for node 1

Failed --

261 chunklets out of 660 are not clean yet

... will retry in roughly 190 seconds

... re-issuing the request

Failed --

94 chunklets out of 660 are not clean yet

... will retry in roughly 180 seconds

... re-issuing the request


The logging LDs have been properly created.


Select one of the following spare chunklet selection algorithms:

Minimal: About 1% of the system chunklets will be used.

Default: About 1% of the system chunklets will be used.

Maximal: About 2% of the system chunklets will be used.

Custom allows specifying the exact number of chunklets, but is not recommended

as spares must be manually added when new disks are added.


Enter "Ma" for maximal, "D" for default, "Mi" for minimal, or "C" for custom: D


Selecting spare chunklets...



Please verify that the correct license features are enabled:



If the enabled features are not correct, take note of this and correct

the issue after the out of the box script finishes.


Press enter to continue.


Support for the CIM-based management API is disabled by default. It can be

enabled at this point.




Does the customer want this feature to be enabled (y/n)? ==> n


Stopping CIM server

CIM server stopped successfully.



Saving backup copy of eventlog as event.txt --> /common/ on node1


Determining most recent copy of /common/pr_ide/biosm*


Copying node0:/common/pr_ide/biosmsg* --> node1:/common//biosmsg*

Issues were found by checkhealth:

Component ----Summary Description----- Qty

License   No license has been entered.   1

Node      controlrecoveryauth issues     1


        2 total                          2



Strong Passwords were not enabled for root, hpesupport, and console users!



Out-Of-The-Box has completed.



Exiting Out-Of-The-Box Experience...




Please Note ---- Its best to Engage HPE technical support for these kinds of activities.