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HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously

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HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously


I just want to ask if there is a special procedure of configuration if FC HBA and iSCSI HBA are used on the same PRIMERA box A630. There is used the latest version 4.2.2 and we use 2 x FC ports for HOST connection (it's OK and it works well) and 4 x iSCSI ports which should also be used for HOST connection (of course the every single HOST will used FC or iSCSI connection not both). The issue is that the iSCSI ports are still in state Free and no way to established iSCSI session from Windows HOST. On the Windows HOST there is event like target port is not responding (port is default 3260). ICMP PING from both sides are OK. Any hint.

Thanks in advance


Re: HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously

Hello Vesix,

Have you tried editing and enabling the port?

Systems -> Ports -> Select the iSCSI port -> Options under Actions menu

Srinivas Bhat

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Re: HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously


Yes, I've tried all possible ways to disable and enable again and even tried to Reload Firmware on one specific iSCSI port. The result is still the same. Port is free and no way to get it accessible from the HOST.

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Re: HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously

Hello Marcel,

The state 'free' indicates the hosts does not login to the port. So it is considered a symptom, not the cause.

Are the ports showing the correct iSCSI name? (showport -iscsiname <port>). Also a 'showport -iscsi' displays the right IP configurations?

What is the MTU settings? Does that match with the host? 

And is the issue only with Windows hosts? 



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Re: HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously


So far we have only tried the iSCSI connection from Windows server (we have no direct connection to customer's HOST systems so it's hard to troubleshoot). Otherwise according to customer there is default MTU value (1500). From the iSCSI port configuration all seems to be OK.
There is error event generated (see below) at the Windows server if "Discover Target" is started from iSCSI initiator. If we try the same to any other storage system all is OK.

Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks in advance


Error event from Windows:
The initiator could not send an iSCSI PDU
Target failed to respond in time for a login request.

Primera iSCSI ports:
N:S:P State IPAddr Netmask/PrefixLen Gateway TPGT MTU Rate iSNS_Addr iSNS_Port STGT VLAN
0:4:1 ready 41 1500 10Gbps 3205 41 Y
0:4:2 ready 42 1500 10Gbps 3205 42 Y
0:4:3 ready 43 1500 10Gbps 3205 43 Y
0:4:4 ready 44 1500 10Gbps 3205 44 Y
1:4:1 ready 141 1500 10Gbps 3205 141 Y
1:4:2 ready 142 1500 10Gbps 3205 142 Y
1:4:3 ready 143 1500 10Gbps 3205 143 Y
1:4:4 ready 144 1500 10Gbps 3205 144 Y
primera_a cli% showport -iscsiname
N:S:P IPAddr ---------------iSCSI_Name----------------
0:4:1 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:20410002ac0271a8
0:4:2 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:20420002ac0271a8
0:4:3 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:20430002ac0271a8
0:4:4 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:20440002ac0271a8
1:4:1 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:21410002ac0271a8
1:4:2 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:21420002ac0271a8
1:4:3 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:21430002ac0271a8
1:4:4 iqn.2000-05.com.3pardata:21440002ac0271a8

N:S:P Mode State ----Node_WWN---- -Port_WWN/HW_Addr- Type Protocol Label Partner FailoverState
0:3:1 target ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2031000xxxxxxxxx host FC HOST_FC 1:3:1 none
0:3:2 target ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2032000xxxxxxxxx host FC HOST_FC 1:3:2 none
0:3:3 initiator ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2033000xxxxxxxxx rcfc FC RCFC_Fabric1 - -
0:3:4 initiator ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2034000xxxxxxxxx rcfc FC RCFC_Fabric2 - -
0:4:1 target ready - xxxxxxxxx8FE free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F1 1:4:1 none
0:4:2 target ready - xxxxxxxxx8FF free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F1 1:4:2 none
0:4:3 target ready - xxxxxxxxx910 free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F2 1:4:3 none
0:4:4 target ready - xxxxxxxxx911 free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F2 1:4:4 none
1:3:1 target ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2131000xxxxxxxxx host FC HOST_FC 0:3:1 none
1:3:2 target ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2132000xxxxxxxxx host FC HOST_FC 0:3:2 none
1:3:3 initiator ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2133000xxxxxxxxx rcfc FC RCFC_Fabric1 - -
1:3:4 initiator ready xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2134000xxxxxxxxx rcfc FC RCFC_Fabric2 - -
1:4:1 target ready - xxxxxxxxx7DE free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F1 0:4:1 none
1:4:2 target ready - xxxxxxxxx7DF free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F1 0:4:2 none
1:4:3 target ready - xxxxxxxxx7F0 free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F2 0:4:3 none
1:4:4 target ready - xxxxxxxxx7F1 free iSCSI HOST_iSCSI_F2 0:4:4 none
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Re: HPE Primera FC and iSCSI HOSTs simultaneously

Hi vesix,

this is because iSCSI for Windows is (not yet) Supported on Primera.

I expect this comes with the 4.3 release in a few weeks.

You can't do anything to get it worked until it is supported.





That was not planned in this way.