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Exchange JetStress very slow - HP D2600

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Exchange JetStress very slow - HP D2600

I have HP D2600 - 4 shelf with 12 number of 2TB Disks attached to ProLiant DL380p Gen8 via HP Smart Array P822 controller.


In past on one fo the server with 6 shelf attached to a system with same type of configuration and ran the Exchange JetStress with 1.5TB of data on 34 logical volumes completed within 2 days (mostly it takes time to duplicate the Exchange database after creating one)


But when we run JetStress on this 4 shelf system which has 22 logical volumes and running JetStress, it is taking about 5 days to duplicate the 21 database after creating one. And when it finishes, it fails with Disk Read time which should be below 20ms and one of the logical volume (not always same) fails to achive this.


We compared almost all the things, starting from firmwares, BIOS, drivers etc...


Can anyone point me what would be the next step to check?


PS. I am not a hardware guy, I am from Exchange Server and Windows background...