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Re: HP Storage Array Smart Array 500 G2

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HP Storage Array Smart Array 500 G2

I get this message from the SQL server once in a while about a failed fan status on this unit. Looking at the service manual on this unit, I don't see any reference to fans in this unit. There are two blowers on the rear of this unit and both are operational. That is the only cooling mechanisms that are mentioned in the units. Is there some internal fan on these that I am not aware of and is it a serviceable part- FRU that can be replaced by myself. These units are out of warranty and I don't have a CarePaq on it either. Thanks.

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Re: HP Storage Array Smart Array 500 G2

Hi, no I think those are the only fans.


If you have the possibility you can take a look in the serial interface / CLI and run "show tech_support".

Or there probably is a better CLI command to check the status of the fans.


No bad sound, vibration or anything from the fans?


I wonder if it might be a firmware thing as well, have you checked if there is a newer one than what you are running and if there's a fix for this mentioned?

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Re: HP Storage Array Smart Array 500 G2

No bad sounds or such. I will check with the CLI and console cable> Also see if there is a firmware update perhaps. Thanks.

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Re: HP Storage Array Smart Array 500 G2

Yes, there's only 2 fans.


Link to service manual:



You can use the System Management Homepage on the server, to check out.

You can take a look at the Integrated Management log on the server as well.


Could be FW. Check the realease notes, and see if they have fixed something like that.


Fans is mounted on the powersupplies.

If its not FW or Fans you could have a PSU problem.


Beware: If you remove a PSU hot. You must install a PSU within 5 minutes. If you fail to insert a PSU within 5 minutes it will shutdown the box. If you don't got a good PSU, then put the bad back in.


Fans can be tricky to install.




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