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Add a new interface to OVC

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Add a new interface to OVC

Hi, do you know if it is possible to add a new interface to an OVC to allow it to discuss with other devices on some dedicated vmnic for migration purpose.

When exporting from an OVC a SimpliVity datastore to a legacy ESXi it works well but it use in my case the management network IP of the OVC that relies on 1Gb VMNIC,. For small VM SvMotion it's ok but for huge amout of data I would like to add another "route" on the 10Gb VMNIC that are working well for the storage operations.

The destinations ESXi are full 10Gb so I could save a lot of time in that way.

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Re: Add a new interface to OVC

I suspect you could do this, but it would be enormously complex and complicated. If you have 10 Gb on the other server, it would be far easier to connect it to the Simplivity storage network - there is no need for a separate, dedicated network. 

While the storage network has no need to be routeable outside the cluster, it can be - that would be a simple enough change.

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