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Arbiter\Plugin version different from Nodes


Arbiter\Plugin version different from Nodes

We have a big project this year moving a datacenter.  We currently have a bunch of Simplivity nodes on 3.7.4 and are ordering new nodes that we don't want to downgrade which we've had to do in the past.  Due to business reasons we can't have any maintenance windows for a couple more months to upgrade our Simplivity version.  Our current VCenter is on 6.5 but we are looking to deploy VCenter 6.7u1 in our new datacenter to support the upgraded Simplivity version.

What I'd like to do is upgrade the 6.5 version to 6.7u1 and then setup both VCenters in linked mode.  To do this I'm wondering if I could have the arbiter and plugin versions upgraded to the latest on both vcenter servers and then have our new nodes on the latest Simplivity but our existing nodes still on the old version until we can upgrade?



Re: Arbiter\Plugin version different from Nodes

You cannot deploy into a mixed version federation if your existing federation is 3.7.4 then all new nodes must be deployed at that version and then upgraded when your shedule allows.

"Downgrading" as such would be to install an  older  version of the deploy installer the easyest way to do this via physical usb.Talk to your deployment team to allow you to achive this in the most efficent way.


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