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Automatic start OVC after crash ESXi

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Automatic start OVC after crash ESXi

I was wondering if there was a SimpliVity approved way to start the virtual controller automatically after a crash of the ESXi node?

I did find this article on this forum: https://community.hpe.com/t5/HPE-SimpliVity/Autostart-OmnistackVC-Controller-VM-after-exit-Maintanence-Mode/td-p/7009251

Does the same apply for recovery after a crash?


Re: Automatic start OVC after crash ESXi

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Whenever there is a crash, we more or less have no other option than rebooting the host to bring it back to a responsive state


  • Reboot the host
  • Monitor The POST for any H/W error and check accordingly 
  • if no error shows up, let the host boot up and then check the OVC VM status
  • If it is not Powered on automatically - power it on manually and monitor the boot-up of SVTFS
  • once healthy you can check for HA and investigate for any fault on the SVT end
  • If none, host troubleshooting needs to be done
  • once the host is up you can remove the same from the maintenance mode. 


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