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Battery Backup Health Error

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Battery Backup Health Error



We upgrade to 3.7.9 and all Latest Fw to simplivty , but we are receiving error,

Battery Backup Health Error

Any one idea on that problem?


Re: Battery Backup Health Error

Hello @sampiyonts 

This is the description of the alert:

SimpliVity Battery Backup Health Error
Event Detail Value
Message RAID Battery backup at adapter {adapter} health state has changed from {before} to {after}.
Supplementary description: 
The monitor is asynchronously notified when this condition occurs.
Monitors RAID battery backup status for HPE OmniStack storage.
Action Contact Customer Support (support.hpe.com). The storage adapter's backup battery has either failed or is missing.

Please contact our support team so we can take a look at the status of the cache module. 


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Re: Battery Backup Health Error

If a system is rebooted while the the internal backup battery is in a recharging state, various battery health state events and log messages may appear, based on the platform model. These events and messages may include:

• Adapter BBU state is degraded (in the SVTFS log)

• RAID Battery backup at adapter health state has changed from Degraded to Healthy

Resolution Use iLO to verify that this is a transient issue. If iLO shows healthy, the alarm can be safely acknowledged and cleared. These messages are only occurring because the battery was still recharging when the host booted, but finished very shortly thereafter.