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Best practice Datastore size

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Best practice Datastore size


Which are the best practice for sizing datastore on Simplivity Federation built on 2 servers with this spec :

  • HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (HPE OmniStack Simplivity 380 Séries 4000)
  • 5 x SSD  1,92 To / 768 Go RAM / 2 CPU-14 cores Intel Xeon Gold 6132 à 2,6 Ghz
  • VMware vSphere 6.7
  • OmniStack version Release

Re: Best practice Datastore size

Simplivity I do not make any specific recommendations in this reagard except in the case of VDI enviornments.

A ESXI sees the datastore as an ordinary NFS share and is unaware of the deduplicaiton and compression behind it,There is no real advantage to having multiple datastores  such as one per VM nor limiting the size of the datastores,As we use thin provisioning a datastore of any size will take up 0 space on creation, 

With generously sized datastores Storage monitoring can then be done at one level Simplivity ,rather then with a more conservitive Approch which could lead the Vmware datastore to become full while the simplivity backend has plenty of space.

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