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Best way of update?

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Best way of update?


What the best way to update simplivity envoriment from 3.7.5 to 3.7.6?

4 nodes in streched cluster

2 nodes in site A   /   2 nodes in site B

Arbitrer in site A

Vcenter 6.5 U1 running in standalone physical server


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Re: Best way of update?

Hi @julioadmtibr

In your situation, and not ncessarily purely for the benfits of the upgrade, but just as best practice generally, I would probably recommend reinstalling the arbiter on the vCenter server, and off of Simplivity storage completely.

Once that's done, you can upgrade in any sequence you like.

If you install the arbiter on the vCenter box, you will need to repoint the OVC's to it using the dsv-arbiter-instance-set command

To do this:

- install arbiter instance on VC server

- On one OVC, elevate to super user as follows:

# sudo su

# source /var/tmp/build/bin/appsetup

Ensure the arbiter service is up on the VC server and run the following:

# dsv-arbiter-instance-set --address <ipaddress VC server>

I believe you will only need to do this on one OVc, and it should propogate through to the others.

You can connect to the other OVC's to confirm by grepping the $SVTLOG for "arbiter"

# grep arbiter $SVTLOG

You should see the most recent entry in logs saying that a new arbiter with ip address x.y.z was discovered or something similar.

Once all OVC's seem to show this, you can stop the arbiter service on the old arbiter server, and run

#svt-federation-show    on any OVC

All should show the arbiter as being connected.

Continue as normal using Upgrade Manager to upgrade the cluster.

NOTE: Upgrade web client plugin firstly also if necessary.

Hope this helps.




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Re: Best way of update?

Hello you can follow the HPE OmniStack 3.7.6 for vSphere Upgrade Guide


It could be helpfull