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Re: Disaster Recovery Simplivity


Disaster Recovery Simplivity

Helo I have this

Data Center DEMO

Two Cluster


4X HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Node

Vcenter run over this cluster


2X HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Node


We make backup with simplivity the VM Cluster Main to Cluster DR every 1h



1.  Is it possible recover Vcenter backup simplivity in Cluster DR if the Cluster Main is down?

I try a demo, simulate down the cluster Main, after connect ssh to OVC on Esx over Cluster DR with user svtcli and password Simplicity, but i can't run command because need connect to Vcenter.

Other test was: with Veeam Backup, we make replicate vcenter every 10 min to cluster DR. , but whe down the cluster main, and run manually the vcenter_replicate, the plugins HPE simplivity is loading..... 

too connect to ssh to OVC any commnad is lock.

2. What is it the step correct for make a disaster recovery with simplivity if you have a vcenter on cluster main?


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Re: Disaster Recovery Simplivity

The svtcli password is used for situations where VC is not available and is really only intended as an emergency access not all commands will run in the absence of not being able to reach VC.

As VC is down all vms can be restored including VC with the  svt-backup-restore command using the --emergency switch.

it is a cli operation and it would be a slow process in comparision to the GUI option   and needs additional information  like datastore and VM name or GUID  to restore every VM.

It would be best in DR situation to restore the VC using the --emergency switch ,there after you should be able to use the GUI to complete the rest of the VMs (tip practice  a few backup restores of VC on the DR site and keep a note  of cli commands used to restore the VC   this will speed up any real world DR senario also avoid having VC machine using a distributed virtual switch that it manages ). 

Is it intended to run the VC on simplivity. 


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