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Excluding a disk from Simplivity backups

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Excluding a disk from Simplivity backups



We are running a Simplivity environment and our offsite backups are unfortunately not deduping as well as we thought., and the backup cluster disk is filling up rapidly, keeping us from storing the backups for very long. We can only store offsite backups for 10 days before Simplivity starts giving out warnings of low disk capacity. It seems the large amount of logfiles we produce on a daily basis are not deduping very well.


We store these logfiles on a separate disk on our Windows VMs. Is there any way of excluding these disks from the Simplivity backups? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions on how to solve this problem?


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Gustav Andersson


Re: Excluding a disk from Simplivity backups

Simplivity backups are all or nothing there is no way to isolate a particular disk and keep it on Simplivity.

Deleting the log files before you take the backup would not help as they would still create unique data in which case you would need to run dd or sdelete to 0 the disk.

If you had legacy storage you could map an RDM perhaps from within the guest.



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