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HPE SimpliVity TrendMicro DeepSecurity and VMware NSX

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HPE SimpliVity TrendMicro DeepSecurity and VMware NSX

Hi guys,

Are here some people who uses the hpe simplivity solution with trendmicro deepsecurity and vmware nsx ( also only use for agent free antimalware solution)

At the moment we dont install deep security at the hpe simplivity esxi hosts, we dont know if it works or if there are some big issues with simplivity, like issue to the datastore, compression, dedup, and so on...

We used deep security agent on the vm´s which running on the hpe hosts, but in near future we want to change to the same solution like all other esxi hosts we use in our enviroment.

At Trendmicro i dont find anything and in the hpe support portal there also nothing to find.

best regards




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Re: HPE SimpliVity TrendMicro DeepSecurity and VMware NSX

Hi Carsten,

There are no concorns using TMDS and NSX on SVT.  Indeed, we have a reference configuration for NSX here:


The only real consideration, is not using NSX functionality on the Storage and Federation networks. These should be left on Standard Switches.

We don't have specific TMDS documenation, but the reason for this is that it interacts with the SimpliVity system as a standard ESXi, so there are no specific considerations, other than to ensure that the OVC is flagged as a service VM, so that its traffic is not inspected.

Let me know if you have any more specific questions.



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