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HPE SimpliVity Video Library


HPE SimpliVity Video Library

New videos available for HPE SimpliVity Best Practices.


HPE Pointnext is continually evolving our operational services and as part of this evolution, new best practice videos are now available. The videos are developed by HPE technical experts, and will help you better use and administer HPE SimpliVity Solutions. They are short targeted insights on topical subjects. We want to share out years of experience with support and the HPE SimpliVity Solution with you.  

Access these best practice videos at HPE SimpliVity Video Library.

Initially, as part of the launch of HPE SimpliVity service enhancements these videos are available to all customers. 

However, in the future, customers will get exclusive access to these videos if they have an HPE Proactive Care, Proactive Care Advanced, or Datacenter Care, for HPE SimpliVity, agreements.


 For more information on the enhancements for HPE SimpliVity please see the HPE Proactive Care for HPE SimpliVity Solutions brief.


We will be adding new content to the video library over time. You’re welcome to submit recommendations for future topics within the community forum by replying to this post.


New titles released:

1) 29th July 2020: HPE SimpliVity - How to Share SimpliVity Datastores with ESXi Compute Nodes

2) 29th July 2020: HPE SimpliVity - Introduction to Kubernetes CSI Plugin

3) 29th July 2020: HPE SimpliVity - Introduction to Kubernetes Persistent Volume Snapshots

4) 29th July 2020: HPE SimpliVity - Citrix Workspace Appliance Plugin

5) 29th April 2020: HPE SimpliVity Upgrade Process – Overview (Part 1)

6) 29th April 2020: HPE SimpliVity Upgrade Process – Software and Documentation (Part 2)

7) 29th April 2020: HPE SimpliVity Upgrade Process – Upgrading (Part 3)

27th April 2020: How to update the svtcli password


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Re: HPE SimpliVity Video Library

Hello @Mohsina_4 

Thank you so much for posting these best practices videoes which are available for  HPE SimpliVity.

I am sure that these videos would be of great use to our customers.




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