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Inconsistency of SimpliVity backups unique data size


Inconsistency of SimpliVity backups unique data size


I'm seeing some inconsistent numbers with one large SQL VM's (3.3TB) backup sizes. The VM has only 10 daily backups and I calculated unique backup sizes for each of those and the numbers were relatively small - 20-40GB for each backup. The SQL does not perform any reindexing on daily basis, so those unique data sizes look as expected.

Where it gets interesting is when I started deleting those backups and monitor how much free space I'm gaining after that on the SimpliVity host (for monitoring I used dsv-balance-manual CLI command). And the numbers were like ten times larger - for each deleted backup I was getting like 300-400GB freed! So after deleting most of the backups I've freed several terabytes on each host where this VM's primary and secondary copy were located.

Has anyone experienced something like that? Could there be any logical explanation to such behavior?


Re: Inconsistency of SimpliVity backups unique data size

There is not enough information given in this post to provide a proper answer. 

Additional logs and data would be needed to provide an analysis of the environment and issue.

A Support Case should be opened with the SimpliVIty Support team to address this concern.

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