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Issue with Deployment Manager - MTU Values

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Issue with Deployment Manager - MTU Values

I have trying to setup 3 Simplivity hosts, I have 2 of them up and running, and now I am  trying to use deployment manager to deploy the 3rd.  Before deploying the 3rd node, we had gone in and changed the MTU settings on the Virtual controllers from 1500 to 9000.  Now I am trying to deploy the 3rd node with the correct settings, management MTU 1500, storage and federation at 9000.  When I do this I get an error on the pre-deployment check that says the settings I am trying to use dont match what is already in use in the cluster for my management interface.  I have tried both MTU of 1500 and MTU of 9000 and both error out.  It is like deployment manager is caching what the origional systems were deployed at rather than reflecting what is currently configured on those systems.  How do I work around this?

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Re: Issue with Deployment Manager - MTU Values


You can open a support case for assistance from the SimpliVity Support team if desired

login to the exsisting ovc and verify the MTU by the command ifconfig.

give the same value in the deployment manager and try to deploy the node.

if still Pre vaildtaion check fails and at network part everything looks good then you an by pass the deployment PVC and deploy the node.