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Joining into one Federation

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Joining into one Federation

I have 1 Omnicube Simplivity on a different vcenter running on a 3.7.0 firmware, I have Two HPE-Simplivity running on a Firmware on a different vCenter, I am planning to move the OmniCube into the other vCenter, is it possible to do so? Do i need to upgrade first before moving it to the vCenter where HPE-Simplivity hosted, My Goal is to have 1 vCenter, Two Clusters, First Cluster is for HPE-Simplivity nodes, Second Cluster is for the Omnicube, 


Re: Joining into one Federation

Are the two vCenters in linked mode ?

If not, this is not possible - the only way to add the single node into the two node Federation is to re-deploy it.

If they are, you can, follow the guidelines for re-hosting a cluster to a new vCenter in TID "How to Relocate a Federation to a New vCenter Server (v3.0)", 7322

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