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Re: OVC VM has different up time to Omnistact host

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OVC VM has different up time to Omnistact host

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to have some clarification. During our troubleshooting with one of HPE Simpivity support, i noticed that wthin our  clutsers with 5 nodes, some OVC has only 3 days update whereas the host has 149 days.. other OVC seems to have the same uptime as the host. -this is also my expectation. Does this mean that OVC actually reboot itselft or it may crash? if yes - where can i logs to prove that indeed the ovc vm has rebooted?

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Re: OVC VM has different up time to Omnistact host

Hi @zapicoe 

Thanks for your querie.

This is very possible, and normal.

An OVC can reboot independant of a complete reboot of the ESXi host.

I suspect that in the scenarios where the ESXi and OVC have matching uptime's, that these were most likely planned complete reboots of the host, which do need a controlled shutdown of the OVC also.

If you have noticed that some OVC's have different uptime to ESXi's, and where you believe that these OVC shutdowns were not planned by yourself or your team, then I would suggest you open a support case to investigate.

OVC's generally however, would not reboot fully without intervention. The svtfs file system can ocassionaly reboot as a safety mechanism in certain conditions, but a complete reboot of the OVC of it's own accord would be rare to almost impossible.

Have you confirmed that the uptimes of the OVC's, which don't match ESXi uptimes were not done by you/your team, or maybe even during troubleshooting by SimpliVity support on previous support cases for example?

If you are 100% confident that these were non-controlled reboots of the OVC by yoursef, your team, or support, then I would recommend creating a support case to allow us investigate in more detail.



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Re: OVC VM has different up time to Omnistact host

Every time you update the SimpliVity software, the OVC restarts, btu the ESXi host does not. The OVC failover mechanism simply re-routes the storage requests to another OVC during the update, until the OVC comes back on-line. This is by design, and therefoe it's quite normal to have different uptime for the OVC and the ESXi host. - a SimpliVity software update does not require a reboot of the ESXi host.

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