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Re: OVC communication over the federation network

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OVC communication over the federation network


I'm trying to get a better understanding of how, when and if OVCs need to communciate over the federation network. With an environment using a single Federation (single VCSA) and multiple Simplivity clusters do OVCs that are in different clusters still need to communicate together over the federation network - I understand that federation traffic doesn't extend beyond the cluster?? 

If OVCs are in the same federation but can't communicate over the Federation network, am I correct in thinking they then attempt to communicate over the management network?

Therefore, should Federation networks be segragated to only include other OVCs that need to communicate together? eg in the same cluster. If I have four clusters in a single federation  should the federation network be configured (vlan'd) so the cluster OVCs will not have any cross contamination of federation taffic between other cluster's OVCs?



Re: OVC communication over the federation network

the OVCs send and receive VM data replica data via Federation network

and when Fed network is not available, that traffic falls back to Mgmt network

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Re: OVC communication over the federation network

Thanks. By ‘replica’ data do you only mean the second copy of the VM within the same cluster?
Therefore federation traffic never passes between different clusters?

Thanks again
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Re: OVC communication over the federation network

I've found a really good explanation which answers most of my questions here -

Solved: official definition about "Federation" in SimpliVi... - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community (hpe.com)

I think I was falling into the cataegory of confusing the SimpliVity 'Federation' with the 'Federation Network'

But it does still raise a couple of questions for me - Below it says that clusters will communicate over the Federation Network if they can but usually clusters talk over the management network. Would it not be better to ensure they can talk over the Federation network (if feasible without needing routing) if doing lots of backup replication etc - or is it still better to have all the Federation traffic VLAN'd to individual clusters regardless?

Secondly it says that Federation and Storage traffic is logically separated although they use the same physical network - is it ever worth physcially separating this traffic if, for example, each node has 4 x 10Gbe ports to use 2 ports for storage and 2 ports for Federation?


Extract from the link is below:

"The Federation database is replicated across all nodes in the Federation.

It’s easy to confuse the SimpliVity Federation with the Federation Network ( SVT_FedPortGroup), but they are not at all the same thing.

The Federation Network is used within a cluster for Federation-related traffic between nodes in the cluster. It is logically separated from the cluster Storage traffic, even though they run over the same physical network.

Replication of information between clusters is usually (and assumed to be) over the OVC Management Network (however, if separate clusters can communicate over the Federation Network, they will - but it is not required). This includes both Federation-related information (installation of a new node, for example), and Data (replicating a backup).

The SimpliVity OVC is responsible for replicating Federation Information both within a cluster and between clusters."


Re: OVC communication over the federation network

Hello @jlangmed, 


Please see this technical article related to HPE Simplivity networking best practices, I think it addresses the questions you have:




Hope it helps. 

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