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OmniCube CN-3000 redeployment issue

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OmniCube CN-3000 redeployment issue


Maybe someone has come across a similar issue..

I'm trying to redeploy a CN-3000 with OmniStack 3.7.10 (the latest supported version for legacy systems) because of the accelerator card replacement (refurbished one).

Here are the steps:

1. Factory reset to v3.7.10 (deploy-installer-10.35.0-psi18+sva-
2. Boot into the Discovery screen and assign a temporary IP for deploment.
3. Mount the v3.7.0 image that has the required ESXI 6.5 version for legacy hosts.
4. Login into Shell with "svtsupport" account, switch to root (sudo su) and execute /opt/svtdi/legacyTools/fetch_legacy.

After the image has been copied over, I launch the Deployment Manager 3.7.10.

After all the IPs and settings are set, just before it's ready to deploy, it performs pre-requisites check and that's where I get this error:

Cluster OVC Compatibility Test: Host <IP> is not compatible with the <cluster-name> cluster. All virtual controllers in <cluster-name> cluster should be at version

Of course all the existing OVCs are running

It's somewhat unexpected. I performed such legacy deployments before (but without replaced accelerator cards) and never had any issues.
Could it be because the new card has some data on it that must be cleared first or smth like that?

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Re: OmniCube CN-3000 redeployment issue

Hi Sergeisokolov

Hope you are doing well.

If the version is the same, this will require an override option as to allow to skip and the checks.

I would request you to get in touch with support to assists you to have the override option enabled.




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Re: OmniCube CN-3000 redeployment issue


Changing "PredeployValidationOverride" parameter to "True" in the Simplivity.DM.View.exe.config file helped to redeploy the host successfully.