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Re: Re-image using 4.0.1 tiny image

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Re-image using 4.0.1 tiny image


Just a couple of quick questions on this procedure.

1) once the SimpliVity node has been boot using the 4.0.1 img file (via iLO virtual media) does the .img file need to remain mounted during the Deployment Manager process or can it be ejected once the node is in the 'waiting to be discovered' state?

2) There's mention to "Unzip the deployment package to your c:\Users\<username>\Download directory for deployment managers to pick up the required files and upload them". Is it mandatory to use the Downloads folder or is it that they just need to be in the same folder from where Deployment Manager is run?

many thanks

Steven Clementi
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Re: Re-image using 4.0.1 tiny image

Hi there...

1. At the point the Deployment "shim" is loaded, you can likely disconnect the image file, but there is no need to.  It should disconnect automatically after the deployment manager kicks off.

2. The package can be unzipped anywhere you want.  The only condition is that you need to copy/move your offline bundles and firmware images into the same folder as the executable (if you use the Upgrade Manager) for the app to "see" them.  The deployment manager should already have ESXi bundles and there is no option to upgrade the firmware at that time as far as I am aware.


That said, is this a new install? or just want to rebuild an existing environment?  If new, the equipment should have been sold with Pointnext services to deploy the hardware.

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