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Re-provisioning old SimpliVity cluster

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Re-provisioning old SimpliVity cluster


Is there any issues with taking an old SimpliVity cluster with Gen 9 servers that is no longer in production and adding it to an existing Gen10 cluster running 4.0.1?

Essentially I'd plan to re-image the old gen9 servers with the latest SPP and OVC 4.0.1 from bare metal and once they are ready for for discovery add them as nodes to an existing SimpliVity cluster that is running 4.0.1 already. I'm like to know if there is any support issues with have Gen10 and Gen9 servers in the same cluster and also to ensure that Gen9 servers can run the latest SPP and OVC version without issue. My existing vCenter is at a supported level for 4.0.1as is the ESXi version on the nodes - I will be upgrading to the same ESXi version on the Gen9 nodes once they join the cluster.

Currently there are two clusters in the fedation each with 6 nodes  - Once I have add the Gen9 nodes there will be two clusters of 10 nodes each so that would make 20 nodes in the federation - I believe this is stoll supported for 4.0.1 as the max nodes per cluster is 16???

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Re: Re-provisioning old SimpliVity cluster

Hi jlangmead 

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You may want to add the Gen9 node in same cluster after redeploying 
The max is 16 nodes in cluster and 96 in federation,

I would suggest you to contact HPE Simplivity tech support for further queries.

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