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Remote Backup Throttling?

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Remote Backup Throttling?

We have two new clusters with a 1Gb PTP between them. Our production traffic between sites also rides over this PTP.

Trying to do initial cross cluster backups and they are filling up our link, no good.

How are you guys/gals throttling just the backup traffic between sites? I seen nothing in the documentation on this, best practices etc. It’s not like Veeam where you can set throttling policies.

Second question, how did you seed backups at your DR site? I could restore VIA Veeam and then run the remote backup job again, the delta should be very small then. If you did this, did you just remove the restored VM from inventory leaving it on disk? I'd assume those blocks need to stick around as to not have to replicate them. Seems like it would get messy leaving the restored VM's on a datastore but it is what it is I suppose. 

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Re: Remote Backup Throttling?

Backups to remorte sites utalize the managment network (it can use the Federattion if it is routable)




If there is limited bandwidth available between sites or if backups are using up a large portion of the available traffic, then the bandwidth can bethrottled by configuring traffic shaping properties at the vSwitch or port group level. This should be done carefully as it will affect any other VM traffic on that vSwitch or port group as well. An alternate approach is to control traffic at the physical switch level—between specific ports, MACs, points on the network

Restoring them from Veem is a good idea if the data exists on that site  it will pre seed the  data and less bandwith will be used to do the initial copy.Once you have finished the inital backups the Veeam backups may be deleted due to dedupe without effecteding the validity of the new simplivity backups.

Other options would be some type of physical media usb drives ect.






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