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Remote Backup

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Remote Backup

Hello All,

Today I created a second cluster in my federation and tested the Remote Backup and Restore.

The Remote Backup from my old cluster to my new cluster occurred perfectly and faster. However, the Restore in my new Cluster or in the original cluster received the message below:

"The Backup is not in the protected state"

Someone saw this message and executed some solution?

Thanks for your attention.


Re: Remote Backup

The backup may not have completed at the destination.

While the task is complete at the source, that just means the job of replicating the data has been created, and it is now being done by the OVCs.

Select the Remote cluster in vCenter and Search Backups - you will see the transfer status, and how much data has been sent.

If that's not the case, then there is a problem with Storage HA in the new cluster, and you shoudl open a Support case.

I work for HPEAccept or Kudo
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Re: Remote Backup


Thank you for your quick answer. I waited for all process and I could execute the restore.

Thank you very much.