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Re: SSD failure causes SVTFS to fail


Re: SSD failure causes SVTFS to fail

Our drive replacement had to arrive today (Next Business Day SLA), but the delivery is delayed supposedly until 04.10.
I was told those drive failures have been pretty common recently and at least in our area they are simply out of stock at the moment.

Now I'm performing backups of our 3-node cluster not only using the built-in remote backups but with a 3rd party software as well, just for the peace of mind.

What worries me is that if a node has been offline for a week, would it be able to synchronize properly once it's back online.

P.S. OmniStack 3.7.4 (which we were running before), is listed as a 'critical' software update in HPE portal. Versions 3.7.5-3.7.10 are listed as 'routine' updates.
It seems to me that 3.7.9 should have been renamed to 'critical' as well, because it obviously is.

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Re: SSD failure causes SVTFS to fail

Hello, just FYI I think upgrade to 3.7.9 will not solve this disk firmware bug (as stated by support).

We have been affected by this issue also when running 3.7.9 and now waiting for new firmware which should arrive around end of year.

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Re: SSD failure causes SVTFS to fail


Glad I saw this, i've been thinking about starting the change process to get the upgrade authorised, might put it on hold for a while then