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SimpliVity 380 motherboard

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SimpliVity 380 motherboard

We have a customer who is having a node motherboard replaced, is there a documented process to add the node back ionto the cluste once replaced


Re: SimpliVity 380 motherboard

Hello @MarkHumhreys 

There is no need to remove the node from the cluster to replace a part. What you need to do is:

1. Evacuate all VMs from the node. 

2. Shutdown Omnistack controller by opening a ssh session, login as administrator account and type the command "svt-shutdown-safe". Wait until it is shutdown in vCenter. 

3. Put the node in maintenance mode and shut it down. 

4. Replace the part. 

5. Make sure to reconfigure BIOS settings after replacing the motherboard. See this document for details:


Once complete, boot up the server. 

6. Take the node out of maintenance mode. 

7. Power on Omnistack controller. 

8. Move back VMs. 


Hope it helps, 



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