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Simplivity Expansion nodes

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Simplivity Expansion nodes

Hi Folks,

Hope everything is doind good!

I have a question and hope some of you could help me.

Imagine a deployment of 2 simplivity clusters (Main site/ secundary site), with 2 nodes (1 processor each) in the main site and 1 node (2 Processors) in the secundary site, both clusters managed by the same vCenter.

In this scenario, if I want to expand my resources adding more nodes to the main site, that node could be a 2 processors node?

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Re: Simplivity Expansion nodes

Hi @alexandre_cs 

Thank you for posting your query. As I see, you are looking for assistance on Simplivity Expansion nodes.

This is to inform you that our engineers are looking into this and we will reply to you shortly.



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Re: Simplivity Expansion nodes

From the HPE SimpliVIty Interoperability Guide (Page 30):

Mixing of configurations is allowed with certain caveats:

• Mixing of processor generations requires configuring the cluster to support migration between processor generations. For VMware clusters this means enabling Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) to the lowest common processor before adding newer processors. Virtual machines on this cluster will not be able to utilize processor features above this level.
• Mixing different drive configurations within a cluster results in unbalanced I/O performance. 
• All HPE SimpliVity hosts in the cluster should be a similar size class (all small, all medium, all large, etc.).

For the best experience and performance, HPE recommends that all members of a cluster be of similar configuration.


There are other considerations in the guide for adding additional nodes to a cluster. See the section: HPE SimpliVity Host Interoperability Within Clusters


Although you CAN add a host with more processing resource to the same cluster, it is recommended that systems in the same cluster be of similar configuration.

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