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Simplivity Node Expansion Work Questions

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Simplivity Node Expansion Work Questions


I have a question about adding a Simplivity node.

We're trying to add two nodes to the Simplivity 4 node.

The firmware and OVC of the existing configured four nodes are not the same as the new two nodes.

configured four nodes

- Firmware : System ROM U30 v2.16(09/12/2019)

- ESXi : VMWare ESXi 6.7.0

- OVC : cluster#4

new two nodes

- Firmware : the latest version

- ESXi : VMWare ESXi 6.7.0 (maybe?)

- OVC : the latest version (4.0.1 ?)

Is it okay to proceed without upgrading firmware, OVC, and ESXi when adding nodes in the current situation?

Or do I need to add nodes after upgrading the firmware, OVC, and ESXi of an existing node?

Also, if you need to upgrade, could you give me a detailed guide for adding and upgrading nodes?


Re: Simplivity Node Expansion Work Questions

Hi There,

The best approach would the below. 

  1. The new nodes firmware must match with the existing nodes.
  2. Make sure the new node's firmware should be compatible with the existing nodes, Please upgrade/downgrade firmware for the new nodes and make sure all the 6 nodes are in the same version.
  3. We will have to deploy the new nodes to the existing federation (Looks like your environment having 4.0.01249)
  4. After the deployment on the new nodes, if the Esxi build is not matching with the existing nodes, please upgrade/Downgrade the Esxi to the same build as the existing Esxi nodes.


Helpful links:

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* RECOMMENDED * HPE OmniStack Firmware - https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=MTX-4a6ea6e613174957b4244e81eb#tab-history
HPE SimpliVity Tech Tip - https://hpesimplivityvideos.brightcovegallery.com/category/videos/install-upgrade

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Re: Simplivity Node Expansion Work Questions

Hello ,


Since you are trying to add the 2 new nodes into same federation, I would recommend you to upgrade the existing 4 nodes to 4.0.1 and then add this 2 nodes into same federation.
please find the below link for OVC upgrade guide.