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Simplivity Nodesapceusage


Simplivity Nodesapceusage

Hi, how can I controll the space usage of the Simplivity nodes? The (older) Tool Nodespaceusage can show that. Is that without the tool in the vCenter or OVC command possible?







Re: Simplivity Nodesapceusage

The following command can now be used to list indvidual node space userage (consumption).

dsv-balance-show --showNodeIP

Please note you will need to be root user to run this command. As of version 3.7.3 you now have the ability to elevate to the root user.

1. Open an ssh session to the management ip address of any OVC within the vmware cluster.

2.  Type "sudo su"

3. Type the command "source /var/tmp/build/bin/appsetup"

4. Issue the command dsv-balance-show --showNodeIP

The following post(s) may help https://damianerangey.com/category/how-virtual-machine-data-is-stored-and-managed-within-a-hpe-simplivity-cluster/part-1/



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