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Simplivity Upgrade Manager

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Simplivity Upgrade Manager
Some of you could have seen an error like these during the update of nodes of simplivity where the UPDATE MANAGER is not capable of seeing the versions of Current of the nodes
If they have some suggestion I am grateful to them


Re: Simplivity Upgrade Manager

Hi @Izaac,

Going by the screenshot attached it could be some incompatibility between the 3.7.7 release you are using and the current ESXi/Omnistack versions. I have seen in the past where if you have installed a version which is outside the remit of the Ominstack Interoperability guide Update Manager may not display these values.

Are you able to progress with the upgrade when these values showing "Not Available"?

It might be best if you try using a different version of Update Manger, say 3.7.8 to see if the same results are presented. Assuming your primary cluster is using the same versions as 'Alterno' this should indeed be supported. Worst case scenario the upgrade can be processed manually which would involve seperate ESXi and Omnistack upgrades which can be completed through vCenter and the OVC CLI.

I hope this helps,

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